This post was inspired by Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. In that book, he has the shortest chapter I have ever read. The chapter is titled “The Best Marketing Strategy Ever” and the chapter has one page, with one word: CARE.

When you care about someone/something, you will go out of your way to provide value. When you provide value, your customers, readers, clients, whoever you are trying to target, will be more inclined to give you something in return. Whether that be money, talking about your product/service, or a firm handshake, creating value is a necessity to be successful in the long term.

Apparently, I felt as though I was given something of value, even after purchasing the book, because here I am giving his book a mention on my blog.

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How You Can Create Value

Most people in business strive to provide something of value. If the perceived value is greater than the cost, you will make sales, right? I will explain a few ways that you can create value on your website or blog, and also how you can bring that to your product or service.

1. Over-Deliver

I have been writing on my blog for just about a month now. I have heard many compliments about how I am providing information that even expert marketers are learning from. It’s not that I am some kind of genius, but I provide my readers (you) information that I know will benefit you if you take the initiative. How do I know that? Because I spent thousands of dollars learning the ins and outs of various traffic sources, and I provide exact tips that I used to make more money.

The unfortunate fact is that probably 90% of people will not use the information (prove me wrong)! I cannot tell you how many blog posts I read before I took the first step and started throwing some money testing campaigns.

2. Build a Community

Most blogs I go to and comment on, I know beforehand that I will not get a response from them on my comment. However, there are a few that respond to every single comment posted, regardless of length or the question being answered. These blogs create value because they are building a community. As a reader, you know that your question will get answered, and could potentially turn into a conversation about the topic at hand.

This can go beyond the realm of blogging though. If you have a product or service website without a blog, you probably get emails asking questions. You could create an FAQ page (which might save you time answering tedious emails), or you could answer more detailed emails personally. Do you think a customer would be more likely to purchase from you if they believe you are a real person who cares about their needs?

3. Be Helpful

This goes along with over-delivering and building a community. Just because you are building a community and delivering, doesn’t mean it’s quality. If you got a package from UPS and your new sunglasses were completely shattered, you wouldn’t be very excited, right?

On my first blog I created, I posted each and every day. I built a community and responded to all comments and emails I had. The content I had though, was nearly 100% recycled from other bloggers in the niche. I wasn’t being helpful to anybody because I wasn’t giving them something they couldn’t get elsewhere.

4. Be Exclusive

A perfect lead in from being helpful, if your product/service/information is exclusive, you are creating value. If the only place the customer can fill their needs is with you, where else can they go? Competition finds unsaturated niches, though, which is why you need to produce quality content if you are a blogger. Do your own case studies and give customers something they cannot find elsewhere.

5. Be Consistent

Humans do not like change. Being consistent with how you write, how often you write, how you provide service, etc. Eventually, your customers learn to expect a certain quality from you. Being able to consistently produce this quality sets you apart from the rest.

Final Thoughts

If you noticed, I made two mentions of ‘outside’ products/services in this post alone. I believe both of those have provided me with value by setting themselves apart from the rest. Creating value is largely about being different than the rest. Usually it’s because you are better, but not always.

How do you create value?