It only makes sense that I would write about endless profits, given my Profit Addiction and all. Anyways, if you are anything like me, it’s nice to have some stability and the realization that there will be money going into your bank account rather than out.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help build your business or campaigns, but there is only one true secret to endless profit.

The Secret to Satisfaction

Don’t settle. This does not mean do not be satisfied ever. It means exactly what it says: Don’t settle.

What Are You Talking About?

If you have a built a profitable campaign, there’s a good chance it took some work to get there. So let’s say you spent a week or two developing the campaign in depth, including landing pages, keywords, ads, payouts on your offer(s), etc. You run at a loss for a week or so, but then it starts turning profit. There are only two things you can do from here: (1) Nothing, or ‘settle’ for what you have, (2) Expand and build.

(1) The “Do Nothings”

Most people, lazy ones, will settle for the profitable campaign, let it run itself into the ground in a week or two due to lack of optimization, and then move on. I have done this in the past, and most people probably have too. Why might you settle, or do nothing when you find profit?

  1. Fear – Scared that your campaign will flop if you make any changes
  2. Satisfaction – Happy that you found a profitable campaign and want to enjoy it while you have it

If you are worried that optimizing your campaign will blow it up, don’t make any drastic changes. Sometimes, the smallest of changes can significantly improve the results it will yield.

(2) The “Expanders”

Some people, and hopefully yourself, do not settle just because the campaign starts turning a profit. If you think you found the best mix for your campaign, you are probably wrong. There are PLENTY of ways you can continue to build your campaign, and prevent yourself from becoming a “do nothing-er”.

  1. Landing Pages – If your campaign has landing pages, continue testing. If you are still a little nervous, run a test using your profitable page, and one other page. Make changes to the headline, sub-header, and sales pitch. Change pictures and colors. There are more changes than I can even explain, and you would be very surprised at how much more profit you can milk from your campaign if you test it intensely.
  2. Ads – If you are doing search, continue giving impressions to the profiting ad(s), but again, mix in some new ones. Try completely different angles – If your profitable ad is positive, try negative ads. I have had campaigns where a negative style ad works much better. If you are promoting on Facebook, keep testing new images and ad copy.
  3. Keywords – Same thing as above.
  4. Payouts – You got a bump and start running some traffic. Nice, you are pulling decent margins but a little more wouldn’t hurt, right? Ask for another bump! Push the limits, see what you can get. I’ve actually had networks take as small as a $.05 margin on certain offers because they wanted my traffic. The smallest of bumps can make a huge difference for your profitability on a campaign.
  5. Traffic Sources – I wrote about this on my first real post on my blog.
  6. Offers – You built your cool landing page and set it up nicely for the latest and greatest acai berry offer. Why not split test it with another offer? I’ve actually had offers that were paying less make me a lot more money due to the higher conversion rates.

It’s not difficult to expand your campaign, but it does take work. However, if you want endless profits, you need to become an expander. Adapt or die baby, adapt or die.

My Personal Examples

This weekend I actually submitted my 3,000th ad for one single campaign on Facebook over the past few months. Here’s some numbers from the campaign that should hopefully help you understand why this ‘don’t settle’ mindset is important.

Ads Submitted: 3,000
First Profitable Ad: 546
Most Profitable Ad: 1,760
Total Profitable Ads: ~100

I number my ads sequentially, and it ended up being 546 ads before one really made me profit. Also, I have had maybe 100 of the ads submitted turn decent profit. However, those 100 profitable ads have more than carried the 2900 or so ads that were not profitable.

Lessons to learn: If I stopped before 546, I would never have made a profit. If I stopped AT 546, I wouldn’t have made as much money as I could have. I didn’t settle, and I have made a lot more money with the campaign because of it.

Important note: Don’t be stupid and continue pouring money into a campaign that you really don’t believe in. I know this niche very well and know the offer is great, it’s just a matter of finding that right mix. There were definitely times when I thought I was crazy for continuing the campaign, but I have been promoting this campaign in particular for nearly 2 years now, and it has made me a lot of money.

Do You REALLY Want Endless Profits?

If you really do, then don’t settle.

I will tell you to be careful with this mindset though as it can be dangerous if you are very extreme. For instance, if you want a $100 day and that’s all you want, great. However, when you get it, you will probably want more. I know I did. Then you want $500, then $1,000, then $10,000. When is it enough? Who knows.

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton