To my regular readers, you may be questioning why I have not been writing as much. It was actually one of the things I was most worried about when I started my blog — eventually, it will be difficult to continue releasing content very frequently (2-3x/week), especially if I want the content to be solid and not quick 100 word posts.

Well, I’ve been doing some analysis of why this happened and what needs to change. On top of that, I’m going to explain to you what I believe to be the #1 business/idea killer and how you can avoid it.

The Evaluation

Since the start of the year, a few things have happened.

First of all, I decided I would rather write once or twice per month and have the post contain more depth on the subject. I really enjoy Glen’s blog at, and I like his strategy. If you notice, my posts have largely been rather lengthy anyways, so I’m going to continue that strategy for the most part.

Secondly, I fell into what has always been my biggest problem — losing focus by taking on too many projects.

Why Losing Focus Kills Your Business

Generally speaking, you are probably good at something if you have a business. Even if you outsource the entire operation because you can’t design, code, or market, you still manage people. That’s your strong skill.

However, most people who start an Internet marketing business aren’t going to be outsourcing the entire thing.

So, I’ll use myself as an example and try to outline where I fall short and how you can avoid falling into similar situations so you can build a solid, consistently profitable business.

Failure 1 – Boredom

Personally, I get bored by doing the same task over and over. I think you probably are too or you wouldn’t own or want to own your own business where you can decide what you work on. However, this has caused me a handful of problems, as boredom leads to one or more of the following for me usually:

  • Time wasting activities on computer – YouTube, other blogs, sports news, or any other random site you may land on and say “how the hell did I get here?”
  • Time wasting activities elsewhere – PS3, TV, walking away from computer, driving around
  • Sleeping

However, sometimes I am just bored of current project(s) and want something new/different to work on. When that’s the case, I will actually spend time working, but it isn’t always the best solution.

Failure 2 – Too Many Projects

Being bored with ‘Project A’ usually results in me looking for something new and exciting to work on. I’ve been spending some time building some SEO sites. While it’s fun, results don’t come quick and this can be difficult at times.

Sometimes this happens when I am looking for diversification, or sometimes it’s just because I want to try something new. Either way, working on too many projects and failing to properly maintain most or all of them is a recipe for disaster.

Failure 3 – It Cycles

So, I get bored with a project, start something new. Well, because I don’t spend enough time or effort on this project, it doesn’t do much if anything in terms of traffic, earnings, or results. Then, I get bored with it and try something new again.

I think you get the point.

This is what has been happening lately, and that’s one of the main reasons my writing has been slower than molasses in January (that’s a good one).

How You Can Maintain Focus And Dominate Whatever It Is You Want To Dominate

Here’s what helps me when I start to lose focus and notice I am not achieving any of my goals or if I don’t currently have any goals.

1. Take a little step back

It’s easy to get caught up in all your projects when you are immersed in them every single day. It can be hard to say “this project sucks and won’t work” if you have spent time and money on it. Sometimes though, that’s what needs to happen and could be a drastic breath of fresh air for your business.

2. Evaluate what you want long-term

If you don’t have any long-term goals, I suggest you make them. Goals are a great way to keep you determined and a very good way to measure success. You don’t have to set monetary goals either.

3. Think about whether or not your current project(s) fit into your long-term goals

The mindless content you are building for this site today might seem unimportant or useless. But, if you can determine how it, in some way, fits into your long term outlook, then use that as your driving force.

4. You don’t have to do everything

It’s fun to learn new skills and I strongly suggest having some experience with “XYZ” before you pay someone else to do “XYZ” for you. Just don’t feel like because it’s your business that you have to perform every single small task. There are probably other people out there who can perform the task as well or better than you can, allowing you to do what you are good at.

5. Consistency is key

This is one of the most difficult skills to maintain, but it is extremely vital. You don’t have to get into a monotonous routine, but make sure you continue working on your goals.

6. Don’t get complacent

The largest downfall for me and many other business owners I have spoken with is getting satisfied with the current level of business. Making big money each day is nice, and I’m not saying don’t take time to appreciate it, but over-appreciating your success can lead to failure and put you right back at square one. When you are on top of your game, leverage it to dominate.

As Mr. Green would say — Here’s a summary if you don’t want to read it all:

  • Lack of posts caused by me losing focus on overall business goals
  • Expect 1-2 posts/month here
  • Don’t take on too many projects
  • Don’t need to work on every single aspect of your business
  • Work on projects that fit into long-term business goals
  • Work hard to make those projects successful
  • I hope that can help you a bit, especially if you are or have experienced a similar situation.

    I’m working to compile some SEO case studies and also some more PPV and Facebook posts.

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