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Small Business SEO Tips
10 Things Your Business Website Should Be Doing To Dominate In Google

1. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

To rank well, Google favors websites that have a mobile-friendly version. Websites that provide a positive experience regardless of user device (desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, and mobile phone) are often rewarded with higher rankings.

Enter your website URL into the test and click ‘Analyze’ to see if Google recognizes your website as being mobile friendly or not.

2. Does Your Website Load Quickly?

Google prefers faster loading websites as well. Slow website loading speeds frustrate search engine users and may cause them to leave your website.

Enter your website URL into the test and click ‘Analyze’ to see if Google recognizes your website as one that loads quickly or not.

3. Is Your Website Verified In The Top 100 Local Business Directories Like Yelp, Merchant Circle, Manta, And Others?

Google loves websites that are verified in small business directories.

  • First of all, businesses that are found in these directories appear to be more serious.
  • Secondly, visitors can come to your website from links on these directories. This is called “referral traffic” and is one of the metrics Google measures when figuring out where your website should be ranked.

Make sure your website is listed and verified in local business directories.

4. Are You Setup And Properly Optimized On Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, And Twitter?

Since Google LOVES brands, having your social networking sites setup and optimized correctly serves multiple purposes. Not only will your business look as though you are more brand aware, you can also gain traffic and visitors from these sites too. Again, Google analyzes traffic from other websites when determining where you should show up in various searches. Additionally, having your brand found these social media platforms makes it MUCH easier for your customers, family, and friends to share your content.

5. Do You Know What Your Competitors Are Doing To Rank Online?

Understanding your competitors, the money they are spending on marketing, the keywords they are targeting to capture customers, and how effective their marketing efforts have been, can all be analyzed with online tools.

SEMRush provides you with information about your competitors and it’s also a valuable tool to learn how customers are finding them. Use the SEMRush site to compare your site with your competitors. This tool also shows you who is dominating the market in your local area.

6. Is Your Website Properly Optimized?

Think about the keywords (words people type in to find your business) you want your company website to be found for in Google.

  • Go to Google and type in the keywords – look at the top 10 results.
  • Look at how many of the results have what you typed somewhere in their listing result.
  • These are all called “On-Page SEO” factors. These are important pieces of information Google analyzes on every website. Having the correct TITLE is one of the most significant.

Research “title tags”, “description tags”, and “keyword density” to learn more about basic On-Page SEO elements Google analyzes when ranking websites.

7. Can A Visitor Quickly Find Your Contact Information?

Is your telephone number in a primary location on your website? Many visitors will leave a website if they cannot quickly find what they are looking for. Make sure your telephone number is clearly noticeable at the top of your website. Also, make sure to use fonts and colors that are easy to read. Additionally, your Contact Page should include your name (or business name), business address, and phone number. This is also a good place to include your social media links.

8. Does Your Website Include Any Embedded Videos?

Your visitors AND Google prefer elements of video over text content. Having videos on your website keeps visitors on your pages for more time. Google measures how long people stay on your site as a ranking factor when determining where your website should show up in their search engine.

  • Example ideas for videos: A quick product/service demo, a quick message from you or your team, a short “explainer” video, customer/client testimonials

You can upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion and embed them on your website.

9. Does Your Website Have Testimonials From Customers?

Think back to the last time you bought something. Where did your search start? If you’re like most people, it likely started by reading reviews of the product/service you wanted to buy. Testimonials and reviews significantly increase your chances of landing a new customer. Plus, having reviews also keeps visitors on your website longer, improving one of the important ranking factors Google uses to determine where your website should show up in their search engine.

10. Does Your Website Have Links From Other Websites?

This is one of the most important factors in determining where your website will rank online.

When another website links to yours, Google essentially views this as a “thumbs up” vote in your favor. Generally, Google prefers sites that have more links from other websites. Remember – all links are NOT considered equal! Some are considered helpful and others may cause damage to your rankings. You can use a link analysis tool to see more information about links coming to a website.

This will allow you to check your detailed link profile. Does your website have a lot of links or hardly any at all?

TIP: Look at the link profiles of your competition as well. This can help you determine what your competitors are doing to rank well (or poorly) in search engines.


You need a site that:

  1. Is mobile friendly
  2. Loads quickly
  3. Is listed in business directories
  4. Is listed on the top social media sites
  5. Outperforms your competitors
  6. Is optimized correctly
  7. Uses embedded video
  8. Has clear contact information
  9. Uses testimonials
  10. Has links from other websites


If you noticed your website isn’t setup as effectively as it could be based on the previous slides, don’t worry. We are able to help you fix any of these issues – or you can tackle them alone. Getting clients on Page 1 of Google using the information here has been proven time and time again.


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  • We know how to rank!


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How Important Is Small Business SEO?

Whether you are just starting a new business or you have an established local business, chances are you want more customers. This is where small business SEO comes in handy.

When you are looking for customers, having someone perform SEO for your small business can be the difference between success and failure. In fact, some local business SEO campaigns have resulted in extremely fast growth that some business owners weren’t even expecting. Hopefully these small business SEO tips were useful for you and you were able to understand the importance of search engine optimization for your business website.



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