I’ll be the first person to tell you that it is extremely difficult to stay motivated when working from home. Everywhere you turn there is a potential distraction. TV, time-wasting websites, making food, your bed, sitting in your chair and staring at the wall because there is nobody to tell you what to do, or thinking about why your last money making attempt failed and how you can make the next one a success are all possible distractions from work.

I also think this is one of the main reasons why some people do not work for themselves. Staying motivated is hard, but I have developed a few tricks to help me along the way.

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Tricks for Staying Motivated

I haven’t developed a guaranteed system, but I have found a few simple tricks that almost always work to restore motivation or help me continue working hard.

1. Think About Outcomes

When I am struggling to stay motivated I just think about the potential outcomes from working hard. When you are trying to build a business of your own, the potential outcomes may include:

  • Personal freedom
  • Financial security
  • Power and influence
  • Work you love
  • Enjoyable life

Obviously there are a bunch of Internet ‘gurus’ that “promise” all of those. However, the only way you can successfully achieve that list is hard work.

2. Set Goals

Goals not your thing? That’s fine. I don’t know if that is because you tried setting goals and didn’t like it, or you have never tried it. I am a firm believer in the power of goal setting. If you are struggling to stay motivated, try setting a few goals that you can work hard to achieve. I usually work very hard when I set a new goal because I want so badly to blow it out of the water.

3. Do Something

Feel like you’re in a rut and just don’t want to work? I know exactly how you feel. The only thing that works to fix this is to start doing something. Sit down, get a cup of coffee, turn on some music (see #6), and start working on something. Whether it is article writing, searching for a new domain, or building a Facebook campaign, just do something.

Along the same lines of doing something, try forming a routine. If you are already independent, it can be very hard to be productive when your daily schedule contains little balance or direction. Try waking up at a set time each day and minimize tasks that waste your time.

4. Do Something Different

Things are going well but you are just bored with everything. Mix it up! Start a new project or change your daily routine. We are creatures of habit, so break/change a habit. Take a break from working and relax for a day or two.

5. Network

Networking is absolutely vital for your success. Just because you work online, it does not mean you do not need to interact with people. On the same hand, talking to your business contacts about a potential new venture and/or bouncing ideas off each other is always helpful. More often than not you can motivate each other to start working hard again.

6. Listen to Music

I have used music as a motivational tool for awhile. Put on your favorite tunes and start working. It can help your mind escape and/or relax a little so you can concentrate on the bigger picture and be more productive.


It can be very difficult to stay motivated, but you need to stay on top of your game if you want to build and sustain a profitable business. It’s not easy. Anybody who tells you it’s easy is either lying, or extremely lucky. Working hard is much easier when you are motivated.

What do you do to stay motivated?