As an Internet marketer, chances are you have found yourself in a period of slow (or no) production. Whether this was because you became complacent with your income level and wanted to ride the wave for a bit, or you were having a difficult time finding that next big success and wanted to take some time off, it can happen to anybody.

In my experience, the key to re-energizing yourself (and your motivation) requires the proper mindset.

Personally, I have found myself on both ends of the spectrum. There have been times when I felt I was making enough money (or had made enough) and wanted to relax for a bit and see how long my previous hard work would carry me. On the other hand, I have been in situations where I felt as though nothing was going my way and experienced lack of motivation. In most cases, any of the following (or a combination of) have been helpful for me.

1. Think About Your Goals

Depending on what situation you are in, having goals will almost always help. For instance, if you want to make $XX,XXX/month, it should be motivating for you to continue (or start) working hard to build your business to achieve those earnings. Additionally, if you are working to achieve something other than an earnings goal (have more time for yourself, allow your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend to stay at home, be able to work from home), it should be a driving force for you.

2. Use Momentum To Your Advantage

If you are riding a high wave, DO NOT STOP! I have had campaigns go from 4-figures profit one day to a loss the next. I have also had campaigns go from losing money to mid 3-figure profits in a matter of a day. Depending on the niche and traffic source, your business can be VERY volatile if you are using paid traffic. Because of this, continue building/expanding/scaling while you are on the upside and use your existing profit, momentum, and energy to grow.

It’s a little easier to use momentum when you are on that end of the spectrum, but if you find yourself on the other side of things (struggling or less motivated), it’s definitely something you can work through too.

The key is to start doing something. A new Facebook campaign, a new PPV campaign, research for a new SEO site. Usually, starting on something will re-kindle that internal flame and you will be back on top in no time! Also, think about when you first started. You had NO campaigns and very little knowledge about how anything worked. Start building and KEEP building.

3. Utilize One Strategy

Too often I notice people who are struggling to be bouncing from one idea to the next. It’s incredibly difficult to profit, let alone learn how to improve, if you are working in a variety of niches on a bunch of different traffic sources. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying diversification is bad. I am saying that there are people making money on any of the major traffic sources out there, so it CAN be done.

Stick to a niche or two on a traffic source or two, and spend some money testing and learning. View your initial campaign spending as an investment and not a “wow, lost money, let me try something else” situation.

4. Ask

This does not mean: “How do I profit on Facebook?”

This can mean: “I have tested a variety of landing pages, targets, and offers for a campaign on PPV, and found a pretty good landing page and offer. I’ve tried (angle 1, angle 2, angle 3) for targets, but cannot seem to make it work. Do you have any suggestions?”

Most people have no problem helping if you have put in some effort and are genuine and not just asking for a handout.

What Else Is Happening

I have some plans to make it a little bit more fun around here.

Be prepared for some PPV and/or FB case studies in the near future. Those are usually interesting and can be implemented much more quickly and easily into your businesses than an SEO case study.

I hope you are doing well and working hard. As always, feel free to leave me comments or questions. Have a great week!

Action is the foundational key to all success.
– (Pablo Picasso)