I did this a little while ago with an email submit campaign. The point here isn’t to give you a handout and start making money (although you can with this campaign with the right targets). The point is take the general idea and incorporate some of your own ideas with these landing pages for dating or any other campaign.

Anyways, here’s some information and a screenshot of the exact landing page I used in my campaign.

PPV Dating Campaign Overview

I ran this campaign for a few weeks and it was profitable after removing non-performing targets. The main reason I decided to move on was because it was not scaling as well as I hoped.

Traffic Sources: TrafficVance and LeadImpact

Niche: Dating

I was initially direct linking, but quickly tested a few landing pages and started converting better with landing pages.

Landing Page Stats

Not tons of data, but it definitely showed promise and profit after some minor tweaks. The only thing that changed between the two landing pages was the headline. If I were to continue running this campaign, I would test other landing page styles as well.

My PPV Dating Landing Page

This is ‘LP2’ from the table above. The only difference between LP1 and LP2 was the headline.

The state in the headline was geo-targeted and the image was pulled directly from the offer page.

Here are a few of the things I learned from this campaign:

  1. The “Scroll Bar” I added on the right side of the picture has potential with a lot of campaigns
  2. The simple “Click Here” call-to-action in blue and underlined definitely works
  3. Making users curious (the half-showing pictures and scroll bar) can work well
  4. Keep things simple

A principle forgotten by many is to just keep it simple. Too many people, myself included, over-complicate campaigns, landing pages, and ideas. Just do it, and sometimes the more simple and/or boring, the better!

You could create this landing page and have the entire campaign running in 20-30 minutes, but I am hoping you will take the idea and build on it.

Happy Thanksgiving, now go profit!

Also, advertising in the 600×80 spot (above content) and 250×250 spot (sidebar top) will be available next week!