Have My PPV Dating Campaign And Landing Page

I did this a little while ago with an email submit campaign. The point here isn’t to give you a handout and start making money (although you can with this campaign with the right targets). The point is take the general idea and incorporate some of your own ideas with these landing pages for dating [...]

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Have My PPV Campaign

I’m feeling nice today and wanted to give you something. Granted, if everybody copies this exactly and launches it, nobody will profit. Make some changes, put your own spin on it, and start making some money. The idea for this campaign has been discussed pretty heavily on a number of blogs and forums, and I [...]

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How to Find URL Targets for PPV Campaigns [Video]

Trying to diversify, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately building PPV campaigns. I have read a ton of great information about selecting offers, building LPs, and even strategies to find URLs or targets for CPV/PPV campaigns. While the landing pages and offers matter, I believe finding good targets is the true key to [...]

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PPV Landing Page Case Study

I’ve been testing a variety of campaigns on a number of traffic sources lately and decided it would be a good idea to start publishing some of my results. As I explained before, I am a firm believer that case studies work very well as a learning tool, whether you perform the study or just [...]

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5 Tips for Killer PPV Landing Pages

The amount of volume you can generate for your campaigns using PPV as a traffic source is stunning. However, the misconception that traffic is inexpensive is just that: a misconception. Because of that, it is very important that you have attention-grabbing pages to capture the otherwise throw-away traffic. Using these tips will allow you to [...]

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