Simple Tips To Expand Or Revitalize Your Business

As an Internet marketer, chances are you have found yourself in a period of slow (or no) production. Whether this was because you became complacent with your income level and wanted to ride the wave for a bit, or you were having a difficult time finding that next big success and wanted to take some [...]

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Are You Trying Or Are You Doing?

Regardless of what you are doing in your business or personal life, finding ways to be more productive and get more done with the time you do have is always helpful. After all, there are only 24 hours in the day, and I wouldn’t personally recommend cutting out from the 5-8 hours of sleep you [...]

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How You Can Get More While Having Less

I would bet the main reason my business slows is because I start to take on too much work. I overwhelm myself with too many projects or projects that are just way beyond the scope I want to deal with. When that happens, I lose motivation and find it difficult to decide on a project [...]

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Do You Suck at Marketing?

Just because you are an expert at something, does not mean you no longer fail. I wrote a post a few months ago about learning to forget your failures. You should be able to learn from your failures, but do not let them hold you back. Dwelling on your failures or negative aspects in business [...]

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7 Lessons to Learn About Internet Marketing

When talking to the older generation and trying to explain exactly what Internet marketing is, most people just do not understand it or how it works. Some are scared of the Internet, some don’t believe you can actually make money online, and some people just don’t care. During my time studying and doing Internet marketing, [...]

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REVEALED: The Exact Recipe for Success

Many people don’t consider themselves successful. Whether they are not making enough money, they hate their career, or wish they had gone a different way with their life, many people just do not feel successful. While there are outside factors that are beyond your control sometimes, more often than not, YOU are the only person [...]

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Learn to Forget – Don’t Let Failure Hold You Back

This post is meant to be motivational. When you are working towards anything in life, you are probably going to experience some kind of let down. You will fail. You will mess up. You will make mistakes. It is the people that are strong enough to move past these mistakes and continue working towards the [...]

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