SEO Case Study – Lessons Learned (Part 5)

Recently, I have been spending some time researching SEO and building some SEO properties for a couple reasons. First, researching for new niches and new topics is very interesting, and the understanding that an endless supply of niches is still available is intriguing. On top of that, the idea of building potentially long-term, low-maintenance income [...]

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SEO Case Study – Initial Results (Part 4)

Being the first formal case study on my blog, I have been watching it like a hawk. While the results are not staggering by any means, I have learned a handful of tips and tricks first-hand, and to me, using the knowledge in the correct way can be a key to success in the future. [...]

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SEO Case Study – Backlinking Strategy (Part 3)

After using a similar strategy with a few other sites and noticing positive results, I decided that a simple backlinking strategy can be very effective when building up a niche-based site. When discussing potential SEO strategies with a number of people, I pieced together a number of aspects that I thought would be beneficial to [...]

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SEO Case Study – Factors (Part 2)

I have been doing a variety of tests on domains and the importance of having the keyword somewhere in the domain, regardless of the extension (.com, .me, etc.). What I have noticed is that in most cases, just having the keyword/phrase in the URL itself can drastically improve the ability for a site to rank. [...]

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SEO Case Study – Intro (Part 1)

I have been working on setting up a completely transparent SEO case study in true follow-along fashion. For the study, I plan to tell you everything about the site from start to finish. (Finish = when the site starts ranking well). As I’m building this site in a relatively small niche, I don’t believe it’s [...]

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Does Google PageRank Affect Google SERP Rank?

With many marketers placing more weight on the SEO aspect of Internet marketing, I’ve decided it would be nice to do some SEO case studies. I am working on building a niche site for a follow-along SEO study as well. For this study, I looked at the results of various keywords and analyzed the Google [...]

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Have My PPV Campaign

I’m feeling nice today and wanted to give you something. Granted, if everybody copies this exactly and launches it, nobody will profit. Make some changes, put your own spin on it, and start making some money. The idea for this campaign has been discussed pretty heavily on a number of blogs and forums, and I [...]

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