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Welcome to ProfitAddiction! I’m Jeremy Litwicki and I can help you generate more traffic, revenue, and profit for you and your business by ranking your website on Page 1 of Google. Working with a trusted SEO expert provides you with peace of mind knowing your entire online strategy is in the hands of an expert.

Search engine optimization can be a complex process. However, when performed properly on your website, social media profiles, and the rest of your brand assets online, it’s an extremely powerful method for increasing your exposure and generating additional traffic to your website and properties online.

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Our SEO Process

To elaborate further on our process, we usually divide projects into 3 phases.

Local SEO and Targeting

    1. On-Page Optimization – This is the first aspect we thoroughly analyze when taking on a new client. In fact, much of our analysis takes place prior to working together to see how much on-site SEO work needs to be taken care of before we begin the additional phases of any search marketing campaign. When analyzing on-page SEO for any website, we focus on the overall structure of the website, including page titles, descriptions, URL structure, content structure, linking structure, and other elements. In many cases, properly optimizing these elements for our clients will begin to show improvements for their websites in their respective search rankings.


    1. Social Media & Branding – Once we have a proper foundation and understanding of the on-page elements for a website, it’s time to look at the overall brand picture in more detail. Search engines LOVE brands. It’s not enough to just have your social media profiles setup – they need to be setup correctly, optimized effectively, and be working to benefit your website. Similarly with on-site optimization, setting up social media and branding elements correctly will also produce quick results when performed effectively.


  1. Long-Term Optimization – This is where the most results are made. Google has mentioned multiple times they care most about content and links. Once your content is setup correctly, it’s time to get it in front of people. Google looks at how many people/websites are linking to your site. It’s not simply a numbers game, however. Google looks HEAVILY at the quality of those links pointing to your website. Our process involves working on building quality links to your content to make it easier for your website to be found for your most desirable keywords online.

Search Engine Optimization ResultsOur primary goal when working with any client or business is to generate additional exposure. To effectively do that, we must first understand the ins and outs of your business, learn about your goals, and figure out your ideal target customer. This allows us to figure out the keywords and phrases your target customers may be typing into search engines to find you (or your competitors).

Nearly 95% of searches DO NOT go past Page 1 on Google when searching for a product, service, or answer to their question. This means if you are not listed on Page 1 for your keyword or phrase, you are essentially invisible. At the same time, your competitors who are listed on Page 1 are reaping the massive traffic, exposure, and profits from those searches while you are left with little to nothing.

If you’re tired of losing customers to your competitors and want to start seeing the exposure, traffic, and revenue they’re generating from their website, we can help. We’ve helped clients in small suburbs, large cities, and worldwide companies to help dominate competitors online and start capturing the customers they want from their websites by outranking competitors online.

Profit Addiction SEO Agency

We pride ourselves on spending additional time with each client to further understand their website and business needs so we can produce the best results. We are heavily focused on the ROI of each client we work with. Our clients love our personalized and custom process, and it helps them feel informed and comfortable as we continue building and growing their business with improvements to their website and search rankings.

The websites and clients we work with are ranked for thousands of keywords on the first page of search engines. We can provide you with the same strategy that we use to dominate competitors and consistently rank websites at the top.

Our SEO company services clients throughout multiple cities, states, and in fact, the entire globe (throughout the United States and internationally).

Shopify SEO Services (Ecommerce)

One of the markets we work well in is Shopify (Ecommerce). As one of the more popular platforms for selling products online, Shopify has grown incredibly fast over the past few years. Because of that, many companies using Shopify as their primary platform, need to find more customers online. As a Shopify SEO expert, we work with companies to optimize their site, select their ideal keywords and phrases, and work to drive new business to their site using search engine traffic.

Chiropractic SEO & Marketing

Another market we work well with is chiropractors. Our SEO strategies for chiropractors focus not only on specific locations, but on ailments as well. We understand what patients are searching for online and know how to put your practice website in front of them (and at the top of search engines in your local area).

Simply fill out our quick form to get a free consultation. The consultation will provide you with an initial analysis of what we can do to work together to grow your business.

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